MAM Easy Start 15 piece Anti Colic Bottle Set

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The bottle that grows with baby, from birth.

Ventilation holes in the base help to minimise colic by reducing air swallowing.

The extra soft teat makes the switch between mum and MAM especially easy.

Baby grows, bottle grows too. Whichever size is needed the accessories are ready.    Bottle base, teat and cap fit both sizes (160ml, 260ml). Simply choose desired size, screw together - done.

When baby is ready switch to using spout and handle to form a cup.

Set includes:
  • 4 x anti-colic 160ml bottles, including slow flow teats.
  • 4 x anti-colic 260ml bottle bodies.
  • 4 x sealing disks.
  • 1 x MAM soft spout.
  • 1 x MAM handle.
  • 1 x MAM Start soother

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