Mabyland Trek Baby Carrier (Black/ Silver, Small Logo)(Damaged Box)

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The Trek Carrier is a front facing, two position carrier, where your baby can either face towards you or outwards once they can fully support their own head.  Lightweight, and comfortable for both you and your child, the simple design ensures that the carrier is easy to put on and take off.
Suitable from Birth to approx. 10 months depending on the baby. Baby must weigh between 3.5 kg (8lb)–9 kg (20lb).

The exterior of the carrier is exceptionally durable, ensuring low product maintenance, and the interior is lined with super soft, breathable cotton, which adds to your baby’s comfort.  It also features an extra back support insert, as well as a higher than standard front piece in order to fully support baby’s head whilst facing towards the adult.

Details of the Product:

- Padded Shoulder and Back Straps Cushioned Headrests (front and back)

- Extra Back Support Inserts for Baby

- Easy to Adjust Shoulder Straps

- Adjustable Side Straps

- Front Panel Folds Downwards and Clips into Place for Outward Facing Babies

Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions:

The cleaning and maintenance of this product must be carried out on a regular basis by an adult/user.

Cleaning: Please refer to the care label for further details. Prior to cleaning, ensure that the plastic reinforcement at the front of the unit is removed. After each washing check that fabric and seams are not worn or damaged.

Maintenance: Check the seams and baby carrier regularly to ensure they are not worn or damaged and that no part is missing. If any part is worn or missing, do not use the product.