Maternity Belly Band - Baby be Mine - Size 1 (UK - up to 10)

Conceal those unsightly waistbands and expandable panels on maternity pants and skirts.

Double your wardrobe. You don't have to worry about that in-between stage when nothing fits - your regular clothes are too small and your maternity clothes are too big.

Keep your tummy under wraps as it becomes beautifully round - cover up any gaps between your tops and bottoms.

Wear your favourite pre-pregnancy clothes longer
- Add length to tops.
- Cover undone buttons on pants and skirts.
- Get back into pre-pregnancy clothes sooner after birth.

Make your maternity clothing more comfortable instantly - just fold your waistband under your belly and cover with the belly band. Perfect while you recuperate post-partum, and as a breastfeeding cover-up too.