Milton Cleansing Hydro-Alcoholic Hand Gel 100ml

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by Milton
Milton Cleansing Hydro-Alcoholic hand gel is made from 70% ethanol and is formulated with a 100% plant based moisturizer and an emollient making the formula very comfortable to the skin.

This hand gel is effective in stopping the transition of germs, including bacteria, fungi and viruses*. It is suitable for use from 3 years old. Recommended for use to stop the transmission of SARS-Cov-2 responsible for Covid 19.

  *Source WHO: Home care for patients COVID-19 presenting with mild symptoms and management of their contacts. Interim guidance.17 March 2020.

    •    70% alcohol based hand gel
    •    Stops germs transmission, including bacteria, fungi and viruses
    •    Meets the WHO guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care
    •    Colour & dye free
    •    100% plant based moisturiser
    •    Non sticky