Munchkin Nursery Toy UV Steriliser, Kills 99% of Germs, Viruses & Bacteria

£89.99 GBP
Baby toys are magnets for dirt and bacteria - germs love them as much as little ones do! Eliminate the nasties swiftly and effectively with the Nursery Steriliser.

Munchkin has partnered with 59S, an innovator in the field of UV LED technology, to develop easy, UV-based sanitising products that help families with kids lead healthier lives.

Kill up to 99% of germs with the chemical-free cleaning power of 21 UVC lights – the same ones used by hospitals to disinfect operating rooms. The Nursery Steriliser cleans toys, dolls and plush with the touch of a button, no harsh chemicals, heat or water required. Five minutes is all it takes to disinfect toys with UVC light! So you can finally sanitise without losing your sanity.

    •    Lightweight toy sterilising bag with 21 hospital-grade led uvc lights for a 360 degree clean
    •    Disinfects toys, stuffed animals, dolls and other nursery items in 5 minutes
    •    Not just a toy steriliser. Ideal for disinfecting every day essentials such as mobile phones, car keys, wallets & purses.
    •    Kills up to 99% of germs
    •    No harsh chemicals, heat or water required
    •    Includes a backup rechargeable lithium-ion battery for use when a USB plug-in outlet is not readily available
    •    Smell the clean - reduces odour-causing bacteria