Safety 1st Newborn Care Vanity Set

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The Safety 1st Newborn Care Vanity travel case contains 8 essential items for caring about your newborn at home or while on the go.

The stylish and convenient case gives you an easy and organised way to store the included comprehensive selection of grooming and health monitoring accessories. The grooming kit is ideal for use at home and easily transportable for on the go use too.

The set includes a digital thermometer with protective case, nasal aspirator, a vaporizer, baby scissors, nail clippers, emery boards (x5), a gum toothbrush with its case, as well as a travel case. This is an easy way to keep your health and grooming items with you at all times.

    •    8 newborn care and health essentials
    •    Organised in a handy travel case
    •    Convenient zip carry case ideal for home or when out and about
    •    Digital thermometer with protective case - takes a clear and accurate temperature. Features a fast 60-second rectal and oral readings, and 90-Second underarm readings. It has a digital display for temperature changes to 0.1°C, with measurement 34°C to 42°C and water resistant for easy cleaning.


    •    Digital thermometer with protective case
    •    Digital thermometer covers (x10)
    •    Nasal Aspirator
    •    Fingertip toothbrush and case
    •    Nail Clippers
    •    Scissors with rounded tip
    •    Emery boards (x5)
    •    Spray bottle
    •    Travel case