Tommee Tippee Bath and Room Thermometer (Box of 3)

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The closer to nature digital bath and room thermometer provides fast and accurate temperature measurement to help keep baby comfortable during bath and sleep time.

Key features:
  • Uniquely designed in the iconic tommee tippee star, the thermometer is styled to fit with your nursery or bathroom decor.
  • The thermometer is suitable for measuring the temperature of baby’s room and bath.
  • For baby, the optimal room temperature is approximately 18oC while the optimal temperature for bay’s bath is at body temperature, between 36.5oC and 38oC.
  • Designed in the iconic tommee tippee star.
  • Fast temperature reading.
  • LED warning light when bath is too hot.
  • Easy to read LCD screen.
  • Floats in water and certified as a bath toy.
  • Temperature given in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
PLEASE NOTE: The thermometer works with a firm tap on a hard surface, and stays on for approx. 5 minutes. It will not stay on permanently.

Tommee Tippeee have hidden the instructions in a little flap in the cardboard.

Take the thermometer including cardboard out of the packaging. Look at the thermometer from behind with the cardboard still in place. On the left and right the cardboard opens. The instructions are located in there.