Tommee Tippee Breast Feeding Kit (2 Units)

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Ideal starter set for a new mum and baby.

Set includes:
1 x Freedom™ Breast Pump: Manual breast pump with 1 x 150ml CTN bottle and 0m+ slow flow teat. BPA free.
Breast pump has massage ripples that encourage fast, comfortable milk let down. The manual 1 hand operation means it is discreet and easy to control for a comfortable level of suction, and with just 3 parts it is as easy to put together and clean as it is to use.
1 x Storage Box: Storage / steriliser box to carry breast pump, breast pads, storage pot, and bottle. BPA free.
3 x 150ml / 5oz CTN Bottles. Complete with 0m+ slow flow teat.
4 x Milk storage lids. For convenient storage of milk without having teats on bottles. BPA free.
56 x Disposable breast pads. Each pad has a waterproof backing, ultra absorbent moisture trap and supersoft lining to keep skin dry and comfortable.
5 x milk storage pots. Ideal for storing excess milk. Can be stored in fridge and carried inside CTN bottle.
2 x pure soother 0-3m. Shaped for the perfect fit. Truly orthodontic. Natural fit.