Tommee Tippee CTN Milk Storage Pots - 4pk

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The handy set of 4 2oz/60ml mini pots with graduations on the sides comes with sealing lids.

These are designed to collect and protect your breast milk. The pot sits in the neck of the closer to nature bottle while expressing breast milk via either the Manual Breast Pump or Electric Breast Pump. Take out the pot and store in the fridge or the freezer. The lid allows a date to be written on. You can decant from the pot into a bottle to feed directly to your baby. The pot can also be used as a breast cup for mums who want to breast feed exclusively or a first tastes food pot.

Express directly into the storage pot- to be used with closer to nature bottle.
Handy pack of 4 - 2oz capacity per pot (Health Professionals recommend expressing small amounts).
Dishwasher proof and microwaveable.
Suitable for freezing. BPA free.