Tommee Tippee Original Grobag Easy Swaddle 0-3m

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Just like when they were in mum’s tummy, our swaddle products help newborn babies to feel cosy and secure which improves the quality of their natural sleep. Wrapping or swaddling baby with their arms inside super soft fabric helps mimic the closeness of the womb and suppresses the startle reflex which can wake babies up, meaning newborns (and mums and dads) enjoy more sleep.
Our easy swaddle is a made from soft, stretchy cotton rich fabric that requires no complicated wrapping or fastenings, simply lay your baby onto the swaddle and zip them in, easy for super comfortable arms in swaddling without the fuss. it’s the perfect starter sleepwear to improve sleep quality in newborn babies.

    •    Easy swaddle – safely swaddle baby without any complicated wrapping with our tommee tippee easy swaddle. simply lay your baby onto the open swaddle and zip them in.
    •    Hip healthy accreditation - specially designed for newborn babies 0-3m, 5-12lb to allow a natural hip-healthy leg position, this swaddle is approved by the international hip dysplasia institute
    •    Easy nappy changes – all bags have an easy zip opening that’s perfect for night-time nappy changes, meaning you can unzip from the bottom for a quick-change keeping disturbance to a minimum
    •    Super soft cotton rich fabric– made for comfort our easy swaddle is designed using soft cotton rich fabric, fluorescent free, better for baby and is machine washable so better for you!
    •    Safer sleep is better sleep- keeping your child at a safe temperature while sleeping is essential. all our products have been safety tested and approved and are proven to be safer than loose bedding