Tommee Tippee Silicone Breast Pump and Let Down Catcher

£11.99 GBP
The simplest of all our breast pumps, this is the gentlest way to express your breast milk from the Tommee Tippee 'Made for Me' range. Use it to express milk; catch let-down milk when you’re feeding from the opposite breast or simply to provide relief to milk-filled breasts.

•3 in 1 - use as a pump, as a let-down catcher or to provide relief to engorged breasts
•Gentle on mum - gentle suction pump helps draw milk from breasts
•100% food grade silicone - BPA, PVC and phthalate-free safe for mum and baby
•Completely silent - breast pump that’s small and discreet enough to use anywhere
•Hands free – use as a let-down aid, collect your precious milk whilst nursing your baby on the opposite breast
•Simple and compact – one-piece cord free design 
•Clear measurements – to help you monitor milk flow
•Easy to clean – one piece no fiddly parts, hand wash and sterilise
•In the pack – 1x silicone breast pump, 1x reusable travel and microwave sterilizer bag, 1x milk storage pouch

Easy to use
Here’s how to attach your silicone breast pump:
1. Squeeze the bottom part of the pump gently
2. Place the cup onto your breast, with your nipple and areola in the centre
3. Release your hand. Your nipple should sit and seal around the narrow neck of the pump and be gently drawn into the pump as you release your hand.
4. It might take a few goes to find the right position. Once ready, express by squeezing the pump, or just let it go so it can catch your let-down milk.