Tommee Tippee Travel Chair Harness

£11.99 GBP
Ideal when you’re out and about and a highchair is not available, this handy, lightweight chair harness in our colourful design will fit most dining chairs. simply fit the adjustable straps around the chair and fasten the easy-to-use rucksack style clips for an instant, secure baby seat. the harness folds conveniently away into its own small bag when not in use.

• Ideal for encouraging wriggly toddlers to join in mealtimes.
• Instant, secure baby seat when you're out and about.
• Easy to use rucksack style clips.
• Conveniently folds into a small pouch.

Instant secure baby seat 
Kids hate to sit still, especially at mealtimes. And who can blame them when most of the interesting stuff is going on above their heads. This handy chair harness provides the ideal travel accessory for parents on the go, allowing you to turn most dining chairs into a secure baby seat.

Easy to use
Designed to fit a range of different style chairs, simply attach using the adjustable straps. Easy to use rucksack style clips click into place to give you an instant secure baby seat wherever you are. At home or on the go When you’re visiting friends or out and about, not everywhere has a suitable high chair for your little one. That doesn’t mean you have to spend mealtimes with a wriggly baby on your knee. Simply pop this harness in your baby bag and you’re good to go.

Easy clean
Babies and food equal mess. Which is why as well as being small and compact, this chair harness is easy to clean. Machine washable at 40°C, simply give it a quick spin and you’ll be ready for your next lunch date with your little one.